Thursday, July 2, 2009

Downs After Dark

For the first time in history Churchill Downs has opened its doors for night time racing. If you have not been out to experience night racing at the Downs then put on your favorite dress/pants and head out the doors tonight. Churchill opened it's doors after hours for 3 separate nights - this being the last. It's such a unique experience. The above photo was taken last week from our box seats. What a view! I hope Churchill Downs continues to hold it's night races in the future. You never know Keeneland might just start catching on to this trend. How amazing would that be? Hey guys head on out and support the horse industry.

As for me... well, I am off to the races!

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Anonymous said...

Fantastic photos, more along the lines of a picture - and through these photos, through this way to focus - certain details - see the fact, your soul - congratulations you are great! Greetings to you STEVEN MAY