Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Rocher - Not your average chocolate

I met Rocher in 2005. She was a black beauty with big dreamy brown eyes. You probably have heard that she loves her job – yes she loves dressage and it shows. Judging from her energy in the arena, I felt as if she knew she was a star and wanted to make sure everyone else did too. She is a champion famous not only for her generous sized ears that flop around as she moves about the dressage arena, but also for her fantastic career as a dressage horse. I remember watching Rocher during the ribbon ceremony. She stood proud and looked around at the crowd to make sure everyone was looking at her. It's hard to explain but she was looking at the crowd not as "a normal horse would" but a horse who seemingly understood her surrounding. She has such an air of intelligence about her. I half expected her to start talking.

Rocher, you are a magical mare.

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