Tuesday, March 23, 2010

View Camera

While I was getting my degree in photography I had to take a class that focused on the view camera. I have to admit at first I absolutely dreaded it. The 4x5 view camera was a heavy camera, not just in bulk but it's mechanisms were clumsy. I don't think I had a moment with the view camera that did not result in bruises. I also was frustrated with the film holders and the complicated process in the developing of the film. You get the point... complain complain. Through the frustration of the view camera emerged a new love of photography. I discovered a new world amongst the tilt shifting lenses and bellows of the beast.

I discovered an artist named Keith Carter, http://www.keithcarterphotographs.com/. His images looked like something that had been locked inside of a dream and just waiting to be released.

I hope to post more of my view camera images.

Stay tuned...

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