Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Spring in Kentucky

As a working photographer, the pictures I create are usually for someone other then myself, some days it just feels good to go out and just shoot for me. That is exactly what I did this weekend. I went out armed with my Canon 5D Mark 11 and my favorite Lensbaby. I wanted to go out and get my creative juices flowing again. My focus for the mission was none other then the blossoming trees that are painting Kentucky's beautiful landscape.

It's no secret, I love my Lensbaby, http://www.lensbaby.com/ The images that I get out of my Lensbaby remind me of my work with the 4x5 film View Camera that I used in one of my photo classes at college. As I mentioned in an earlier post on the view camera, I loved the effect of the tilting bellows. You can achieve similar results with a Lensbaby for a fraction of the cost of a large format View Camera.